OUR PHILOSOPHY: True farmers

Each plant, each tree has a name and a meaning: to remind us that every day on earth a miracle helps us to live.

We are not merely vintners, olive growers or grain farmers. We are true farmers and as such we are determined to live by the same principles that have been governing our work for centuries:

Control of the entire supply chain:

We oversee the entire supply chain, quite literally from the ground up and only through the keen eyes of our ‘people’. Only in this way can we ensure that all our products are genuine, as though we were feeding those we cherish most.


We diversify our production in an effort to reflect the full potential of our land. Combining old rural wisdom with cutting-edge science and technology, ensures that our workers can attend to the needs of our farmland throughout the year. Using this approach, we can reduce the risks inherent in any single production, by complying with the rules of crop rotation, which maintain the natural fertility of our land.

Giving value to the identity of our territory:

All of our production is directed at giving value to the products that are native to our land in order to show the quality of the wine, oil and pasta in the territory of Pesaro and Le Marche.

Environmental sustainability:

Our farm runs on solar energy. We live and work in a country ‘bathed’ in sun. The sun produces energy not only for the life of our plants (photosynthesis) but also for our production processes.
In the summer of 2011 we had a 300 kwp PV system installed only on the roofs of our farm buildings. In fact, we are against any PV installations on the ground.
The energy generated exceeds the needs of all our production processes; any surplus energy is therefore fed into our network and distributed to benefit other local users.

In 1996, in collaboration with ASSAM, we installed a weather station to monitor climate information which we post online and is used by farmers in our territory.
For over 10 years we have utilized plant-based nitrogen fertilizers along with green manure techniques.


Respect for the environment

We love our land. We respect it. We consider it a necessary, irreproducible yet vulnerable primary asset. We have not inherited the land from our ancestors. We are borrowing it from our children.

Healthy Food

Uncompromised quality to ensure the health of both our consumers and their children

Faithful rebuilding of our farmstead based on its original construction.